About Us

Hello! We are Kayni and Kepi. We named this blog “once a year nomads” because we are passionate about seeing and exploring the world, but we just can’t afford to travel full time. We have normal 9 to 5 jobs and our goal is to travel once or twice (if our finances allow) a year. This blog will feature our past travels and current ones.


Life keeps throwing us curveballs, but we persevere and keep moving forward.

In 2006, Kayni was diagnosed with Severe Aplastic Anemia and spent about eight years going through different clinical trials and surviving through numerous transfusions. On New Year’s Day of 2014, she was admitted at Johns Hopkins to begin a bone-marrow transplant procedure (ATG, chemo therapy and full-body radiation). On January 11, she finally received her donor’s bone-marrow. It was a long process of recovery and is still is.

As a way of giving back, Kepi donates blood regularly to the American Red Cross and Kayni volunteers for the AAMDS Foundation.

These days, Kayni and Kepi are taking each day at a time and fully appreciate this second chance in life. Although Kayni is still dealing with a mild skin graft-vs-host disease and a very low immune system, husband and wife continue to fight together.

Blogging started out as a hobby for Kayni and it still is. She write mostly on travel and anything that would come to mind at her personal blog – kayni’s corner cafe. Her entry, Outside Looking In, won Top 3 Outstanding Blog and Outstanding Blog in Central America and Canada. The other winners are here.

If you’d like to contact us or ask us anything, please e-mail at misskayniatgmaildotcom.

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