United Kingdom: Lovely London

It was cold, at times gloomy and rainy, a typical November in London. This trip was in 2015, but I haven’t found the time to post these photos because life has always other scheduled plans. This was my second trip to London, and the first for Kepi and my parents. There was much excitement to explore and see this beautiful city.

In my younger years, I dreamt of living and working in London. It never happened. Perhaps London was not meant for me as a place to live or work in, but it doesn’t mean I can’t visit it often or love it less. Because London is one of my favorite cities to visit in the world.

The Sun finally came out for Big Ben.
London Eye
My parents all bundled up and ready for the unpredictable London weather.
Trafalgar Square
The Parliament
Beautiful ceiling in the Westminster Abbey
Entrance to the Westminster Abbey

If it was just Kepi and I traveling, I could have added more stuff to our London itinerary. But with my parents traveling with us and they’re pushing 70, I had do cater our itinerary to their needs. However, I was quite surprised how they did well with a lot of walking in London.

This trip was actually a dream come true for me. My parents are not well traveled like other people, so I wanted them to at least see a part of Europe. You see, my parents have always worked hard and have always provided for the family. However, travel is a luxury they couldn’t afford. I’m quite glad that I had this opportunity to show them around London and more.

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12 thoughts on “United Kingdom: Lovely London

  1. It does look a bit chilly there. I don’t think I would like the danger of living in a large city like that, I don’t even feel safe in my own middle-sized town. Great shots of classic landmarks, your parents don’t look too happy to be posing by the London Eye, haha.


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