Honduras: Relaxing Roatan

We took Roatan at a slower and relaxing pace. We didn’t do any tours but decided to explore the town on our own. We walked around, breathe in the vibe of the town, shopped a little, had lunch at a Filipino restaurant there, met some locals and settled in at the pier to watch the waves come ashore.

Coffee, at least hot coffee, was the last thing in my mind when we were in Roatan. It was quite hot and humid so I was actually longing for a nice ice cold soda or an icy glass of water. However, I really should have bought a bag of Honduran coffee. I bought at least a bag of coffee beans from Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica but not in Honduras. What’s the deal with that!
The floating Ceviche Bar and Grill would have been a fantastic idea, but it was too early to drink and my stomach felt too sick to handle ceviche.
There’s a zip line you can take to go to the other side of the shore.
The sign says that there’s supposed to be a bar and restaurant here, but we couldn’t find it.
This small friendship doll was given to me from one of the souvenir shops we visited. I think it’s really cute.
The Bougainvilleas were in full bloom and could be seen around Roatan.
Our afternoon was pretty much spent people watching and relaxing.
Of course, I couldn’t leave Roatan without buying their locally made sweets. These were mostly made from milk, and I really enjoyed them. They tasted like the Philippine pastillas.

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6 thoughts on “Honduras: Relaxing Roatan

  1. There wasn’t much to do in Roatan, although we joined a short tour of the island landing us in the fishermen’s village and met a bunch of kids. On our own we decided to see the West End of the island in a place called Half Moon Bay Resort. Here I had the best pina colada I’ve ever had.

    I think I just discovered this blog.

    Worth a Thousand Words


  2. Hi there! Yes, it’s a very slow paced place. We decided to just venture out on our own, as we didn’t like the tours offered. So funny because we found a good Filipino place to eat there.


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