Costa Rica: Tortuguero Canals

It was humid, hot and rainy when we landed in Costa Rica!

For a long time, Costa Rica is one of the places on my travel list. So when we finally stepped on Costa Rican soil, even though I was running a slight fever and couldn’t stop sniffling, I was quite elated and I couldn’t sit still to explore the place. We toured the Tortuguero Canals and although we were told we will be seeing a lot of wildlife, I was pretty much fixed on seeing the Jesus Christ Lizard.

Exploring the Tortuguero Canals by boat.
Cruising the Tortuguero Canals was relaxing.
Can you see the Jesus Christ Lizard?
It’s called Jesus Christ Lizard because of its super speed and specialty feet that allows it to run on water.
Montezuma bird nests framed by the cloudy sky.
Veragua Rainforest
Saw this flower/orchid during our walk at the Veragua Rainforest
This is one of those moments I wish I had a better camera. I was armed with only my cellphone. We saw a lot of frogs but I gravitated to this one – the Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog.


We took an aerial tram ride. Although we didn’t see and wildlife, we did hear Howling Monkeys from a distance.
I remember that there are 350 steps to and from Puma Waterfall. I honestly just wanted to jump into the water when we got here. It was so humid and hot that day.

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